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When 40+ years of collective experience, messy desks, superior organization, spontaneity, discipline, creativity, order, serendipity, strategy, optimism, realism, inspiration and aspiration collide... that's where you find calm and complimenting balance, enhanced vision and approach...  and that's where you find us.  It’s really that simple.

Who we are...

Scott Downing

Creative Overwatch

This dude has been around the block... or world depending on how you look at it.  With a range of projects that have taken him to many corners of North America, Europe, Morocco, and Australia, Scott has a wealth of experience as a producer for still photography projects, location scout/manager, photographer, precision driver, "on camera" talent, and any other hat he chooses to wear as part of his inherent "team" mentality.  He knows his way around the studio, the mean streets of L.A.,  as well as some of the most unusual and offbeat backroads one can imagine.  Creative vision is interwoven within his DNA and often proves to be a huge asset in making a concept come to life.  Sometimes diplomacy is his greatest strength when closing down highways, bridges, permitting a 50 car shoot in front of the U.S. Capitol, or making the "impossible" actually possible.  As an admitted "foodie", he is no stranger to a hole in the wall pizza joint, local taco truck, or most savory chocolate souffle... and yes he is guilty of posting food pix when the experience dictates it.

Therese Downing

Production Facilitator

She brings order to chaos while multi-tasking not just with extraordinary organization skills but with creative vision and strategic solutions. Therese is a calming force who has 20+ years of experience in production with greatest emphasis in print media, website development, social media, and custom promotional products. With advertising and marketing campaigns that range the spectrum of light, this amazing woman has honed her fine-tuned eyes on over two decades of press checks and website launches.  She can detect a moire pattern, a dead pixel, convince a press operator that it truly is out of registration, and accurately discern a color by it's PMS code in a heartbeat.  Her administrative experience with bridging the account teams perspective with those crazy "creatives" ensures that she can get it done while being keenly in sync with the needs of the client and budgetary demands.  With her refined perspective in business, marketing and strategy she adds professional balance to the fact that she is "very funny".

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